What Makes A Local Business The Best

Local businesses are not just some person or company trying to take your money they are ordinary people like you and I trying to make a living off what they do to feed themselves and there family


what drive’s a lot of local businesses mad is when not a lot of people shop at there store of go eat out at there local restaurant even though some of the best restaurants are known to be good cheap local owned restaurants


not a lot of people know this but a lot of people prefer to eat out at a local restaurant vs going to a big chain restaurant like Red Robbins or italian garden its because locals are there with more value for your buck and they provide some of the best tasting food in the area.


its more romantic to take out a girl to a local owned restaurant that is your favorite vs going to some big chain and spending way to much for the same service or meal you could of gotten cheaper and better tasting somewhere else.


so what are you waiting for eat local.





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