Preferred Vendors

Our most preferred vendors list is still on our way but let me give you some of our favorite local businesses in the local area that we really love

Garrod Painting Of Naples Inc 

truly an amazing business we love the owner and he is truly an amazing man with a heart of gold he works so hard to provide for his family and his kids. Very easy person to get to talk to and to know, he really is kind and soft spoken.  his business is possibly the most amazing painting company I have ever seen around it comes to the most trusted team and painting crew that handles the most demanding work

And yes its amazing what these guys had done within the last month so if you need a painting job let them know they are truly the best

give them a call at (239) 645-0606 and be prepared to be amazed with Garrod’s work, becuase he always over delivers

we are going to put up more preferred vendors soon this one is possibly our best, and we truly love this business and the man that runs it

Take care.

Everett Landscaping

if your in the washington part of the world you and you specificlally live in everett or around that area we have a treat for you Everett Landscaping is possibly if not one of the best lanscaping companys in the area their work is surpases expetations in every sense check them out they do a crazy good job and man your not going to regret choosing them for sure




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