Local Car Shop Makes Amazing Car

If you never seen a Vaydor your in for a treat its an affordable exotic car that looks something you would buy for 500k+ and still looks like a boss

Seriously boss

the owner made this a dream come to for most people who want to own a nice piece of art without the expensive price tag, even though there are company’s that sell this car already built for 70k there are other companies that provide the Vaydor bodykit installation even after the build process is finished the car looks like it can seriously be sold for well over 100,000 and seriously why would you buy an Audi after you take a look at this car, and for good reason it’s gorgeous.

So why is there so much hype about this car? well its simple this car was featured in the movie Suicide Squad and for good reason its amazing and it looks the part, it’s aggressive looking and seriously a good choice.

Its the purple looking car in the trailer if you haven’t noticed yep thats it.

So what is this car going to cost you and what does it include?

These cars are made in Florida and what they are basically made off of is the G35 Infinity  all is done is the roof is taken off and then a roll cage is added to support the car in case the car flips over, wouldn’t be surprised if it does, but there has not been any instanced that happening yet, becuase not everyone driving is a maniac

so as for cost installation cost about 30-40 thousand dollars and then if you would like to buy the car already assembled and ready to go with upgraded rims, paint job and added interior the price point starts at 70,000 and that is chump change becuase the look of the car is amazing

Now who would this car be perfect for the average teenager that needs to keep up with looks sure, why not if you leave the stock engine inside that would be a good idea but upgrading is not a bad idea because a mean looking car without the power is like a big dog that cant bark, and seriously who wants one of those.

so what options are given, well first and foremost is adding 2 turbos to the stock engine after its been complete rebuilt to handle the power, or you can always swap engines with a corvette and enjoy the power. why not…

but with the stock engine inside sure it can be used as a teen toy… becuase the power is still manageable and the tires could easily handle the power and since they offer more grip it should not drift or skid while taking corners due to the huge tires in the back.

So what makes this car so special and why would you buy it?

to look good and why not it does looks so good and makes everyone snap there necks when they drive by trying to figure out what the car is and what make and model it is. simple its an attention getter and if you like that kind of attention sure this car is definitely for you and you will really enjoy it

So if you would like to order your give these guys a call and they could hook you up with a car that will fulfill your needs and remember that this is a project car so it takes time to make it perfect and to keep up with everyones expectations cause everyone is different.

even if you don’t like the car selling it will be simple… after all its a car that is very much in demand right now.





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